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$7 Project



Some things in Life just work, this is one of those THINGS! It Just Works!


This is instant CASH to Your PayPal Account

If you decide to follow these instructions and take the necessary actions,
you are GUARANTEED you will get stunning result's!

This proven system has two purposes:

1. It creates a massive payment to you within 30 to 40 days.
2. It creates a huge list of PayPal buyers for you to promote your products too.

Simple Procedure to Follow:

You get a list of 7 PayPal Email addresses listed from #1 to #7.

Step 1. You pay $1 to EACH email in the list #1 to #7   = $7

Step 2. You remove the email at position #1 and move up the other 6 emails.
Step 3. You put your PayPal Email address in position #7.
Step 4. You send that New email text to a minimum of 40 people.
Step 5. Everytime someone join's you get paid $1.

              In about 30 to 40 day's you will be at position #1

With your PayPal Email address now at position #1, being seen by an estimated 650,000+ people if everyone sends out 40 emails.

Yes, you guessed it, not only are you getting paid $1 everytime somoeone joins as you move up the listing to position #1, you have a huge final pay day before you are removed from the listing.

This is a Global universal system, anyone can be rich with The 7 Dollar Project!

You need 4 things to get started to your Financial Freedom Today.

1.   An Email Address.
2.   A PayPal Account.
     (If you don't have a PayPal account go to www.paypal.com it's free.)
3.   A desire to win.
4.   Send a minimum of 40 Emails
      (the more Emails you send the better it will be for you.)




Start Today! Otherwise, you will throw away over 78,000+ dollars in cash!

If you follow these above steps you will receive $78,000+ in your PayPal account Guaranteed!

The results are stunning !!!

Step 1.   You Send $1 Via PayPal too Each of the 7 list members

                 Click the Button go to Send & Request
                 then enter the email address to pay!
                You must include the note: "Please add me to your mailing


Step 2.     Click Here to get the Email Text

Step 3.   You put your PayPal Email address in position #7.

Step 4.   Send 40+ Emails


You have 2 options:
       1. Do Nothing, stay as you are now, broke.

OR     Your future is in your hands you can take control!

      2. Pay $7 send 40+ emails in 30 to 40 days Spend $78,000+ Guaranteed.   

      Now you choose! This is FREE money Everyone benefits!




Step 1.

Here is how it works:


Step 1.   You Send $1 Via PayPal to Each of the 7 list members

                Click the Button go to Send & Request
                then enter the email address to pay!
            You must include the note: "Please add me to your mailing list"


Step 2.

Once you have made a payment of 1 Dollar to the first address of the list you will still have to do the following Stage in the final steps.

Of course, the address that was previously at #1 should now be removed, and the other email addresses should be moved up one position to put your
PayPal E-Mail Address at #7.

Your List should now look like this:

#1. hbpena645@yahoo.com

#2. thinkwealthier@hotmail.com

#3. da_dosh_man@live.co.uk

#4. anthonymateer@gmail.com

#5. bjwteam40@gmail.com

#6. gdimjc@gmail.com


Click the link below to download your email text to send to your 40+ emails.

Click Here to get the Email Text


Don't forget to add your PayPal email address in position #7 before you send it. That's all you have to do!

Keep the number 40 in your head no less, 40 is a good number of people that you can easily reach on the Internet, hundreds and even thousands of them will emerge.

How this will effect you at position #7 and sending 40 Emails.



Step 3

Let it cook as your PayPal Email address moves you get paid at each stage
up to the #1 position it normally takes around 30 to 40 days.


Spend Your FREE $78,000+ Money!! Stunning!





Step 1.   You Send $1 Via PayPal too Each of the 7 list members

                Click the Button go to Send & Request
                    then enter the email address to pay!
              You must include the note: "Please add me to your mailing list"

Step 2.     Download the Email text!    Click Here

Step 3.    Put your PayPal Email at position #7, send to 40+ People - Your Done!

Step 4.    Now wait 30 to 40 Days for it to cook, then Spend the money!!


This is Better than Bitcoin!!
$1 to $78,000+ Fantastic!!





Free Advertising Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.


Referral URLs and Banners
In Safelists and Traffic Exchanges


Safelist Mailer
Is a Viral Mailer and / or a Credit Based Mailer.

What is a Viral Mailer?

Viral Mailers are online services
where members can e-mail each other.
 You can send an e-mail promoting your
web site in return for viewing the e-mails
 sent by the other members.


Credit Based Mailer
How Do I Receive Credits?

Look for e-mails from other members.
At the bottom of each e-mail, there should be
a link you can click to view their site and earn credit.
For each credit you earn, you will be able to mail
another member of the program you have seen.




Free Safelists


Here are some Free Safelists to send your letters.
--Register an account for free and start sending your letters.
--The 40 emails: it’s the minimum you have been asked to do.
--It’s up to you to send as many emails that you want in the following safelists.
--Please do not spam.
--Safelists are the way people agree to send and to receive letters from other subscribers.




Every 24 hours: Send Letter


Free Safelist Mailer - Credit Based Safelist
to 46664 members every 24 hours



Marketer Safelist - Credit Based Safelist
to 4426 members every 24 hours


Marketer Safelist Banner #3


Effective Safelist - LFMV Viral Mailer
to 2000 members every 24 hours



to 2000 members every 24 hours



to 2000 members every 24 hours



List Surfing - TE & Mailer
to 1234 members every
24 hours

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network


List Jumper – Mailer
to 1035 members every 24 hours


Explode My List!




Every 48 hours: Send Letter


MailingAtHome.net - Credit Based Safelist
to 628 members every 48 hours


Safelist Blazer - LFMV Viral Mailer
to 1500 members every 48 hours

Marketer Safelist Banner #3




Every 72 hours: Send Letter


SafelistXL - LFMV Viral Mailer - LFMV Viral Mailer
to 1000 members every 72 hours



European Safelist - Credit Based Safelist
to 16232 members every 72 hours



Global Safelist - Credit Based Safelist
to 5000 members every 72 hours



Elite Safelist - Credit Based Safelist
to 3000 members every 72 hours



Listjoe - Credit Based Safelist
to 1000 members every 72 hours



MidnightSun Safelist
to 1500 members every 72 hours



Dragon Safelist
to 500 members every 72 hours



Money Maker Safelist - Credit Based Safelist
to 500 members every 72 hours



Safelist King
to 500 members every 72 hours



Safelist Extreme
to 500 members every 72 hours



Quantum Safelist Exchange
to 500 members every 72 hours





Every 4 days hours: Send Letter


Bweeble - Credit Based Safelist
to 2000 members every 4 days





Every 5 days: Send Letter


Downline Builder Direct - Credit Based Safelist
to 20000 members every 5 days



Mister Safelist - Credit Based Safelist
to 4600 members every 5 days





Free Traffic Exchanges


Traffic Exchanges are the way people and you only
--click on your link or URL,
--and click on an image or on a digit-number
--stay a few seconds to visit your page.

While spending time on your page, the visitor might have a great interest on the site and probably can decide to subscribe.

Traffic Exchanges only require visitors and you that you write:
--1 title
--1 text of about 20 characters or less,
--1 URL.









RealHitz4u - Feel The Punch

RealHitz4u - Feel The Punch



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